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WTF Why Isn’t MTV And The Media Acknowledging That Teen Mom Star Matt Baier Is A Sexual Predator? (VIDEO Evidence in Post)

Bear with me friends, this is a long one! I feel that MTV is ignoring that Matt Baier is an alleged sexual predator.

A quick run-down of the topics I’m going to cover:

  • Matt Baier from MTV’s Teen Mom OG series allegedly date raped Tiffany Basset.
  • Matt Baier has a history of sexual assault. And, his alleged victim committed suicide.
  • Matt Baier and Amber Portwood defrauded Tiffany Basset out of $15,000.
  • A verbal contract was recorded and confirmed, and Tiffany should sue for the $15,000 she’s owed.
  • The media is calling this a cheating scandal when in fact it’s a sexual assault scandal.
  • MTV refused to air segments covering the sexual assault, which means they are victim shaming, and they’re showcasing a manipulative conman and sexual predator.

The Skinny On What Went Down

I’m not going to provide you with all the scandal’s details, such as the text message screenshots and alleged d*ck pics, because you can find those here: “EXCLUSIVE: Rough Sex, D*ck Pics & Sexting! Amber Portwood’s Fiance, Matt Baier Caught Cheating With Cancer Mom!”

Basically, Matt and Amber told this woman – a cancer survivor – that they were going to fund her para-medical tattooing business. Matt started a sexual harassment and coercion campaign against her. He wanted her sexually, so he dangled the money for the business in front of her like a carrot. He also chose to abuse a woman who explicitly told him she was vulnerable and needed to be handled with care, and he took advantage of this vulnerability.

Just FYI – Tiffany denies that she was sexually assaulted; however, I believe she is traumatized and blaming herself, which is common among victims.

She told Teen Mom Talk Now about she and Matt’s trip to Vegas:

“Two o’clock in the morning, Matt comes into my room, supposedly to pick up some souvenirs, left on the table. He wakes me up, and decides that we’re going to have sex. No warning… no anything. I’m like shaking, I froze… I didn’t do anything to stop it…”


The Teen Mom Talk Now article continues, “[Baier’s friend] Jeff walked in on them and the event quickly ended, but Jeff explained to her that Matt has used him before to get to women. Tiffany claims she didn’t feel like she was raped, but that Matt was totally overstepping his boundaries.”

As the clear victim, it is okay for Tiffany to say this wasn’t a rape – I stand with her; however, I am not convinced this isn’t sexual assault as it’s defined by SexInfo Online.

Psychological manipulation is sexual assault. IPSV (Intimate Partner Sexual Violence) is sexual assault. Sexual harassment is sexual assault. Date rape is sexual assault.

Personally, I believe the media is doing a grave injustice by participating in this narrative that this exchange is a “Cheating Scandal” when it is a Sexual Assault Scandal. Tiffany was victimized by Matt, and that’s the only narrative that matters.

This video is a video confession. A recorded conversation between Tiffany and Matt where he admits to all his wrongdoing, promises her money and business opportunities, and verbally abuses and insults her repeatedly. He is a big fan of name-calling.

Matt Baier Has A History Of Sexual Assault

Anyone who is a fan of the show knows that Matt Baier is a lying scumbag. He lied about his age, lied about having children, and lied about being clean and off drugs. He eventually was caught and confirmed that: yeah he’s an old man dating a much younger woman; yeah, he has 9 kids for which he owes years and years of back child support too; and, yeah he’s currently abusing prescription pain killers.

He also has a history of sexual assault.

In 2014, shortly before Amber announced she was dating him, a woman filed a restraining order against Matt claiming she sexually assaulted her. So, for all you rapist-apologists who may read this, she wasn’t doing it for fame because he was not famous at the time…


Here’s a statement from the unnamed victim:

“I went to Matt Baier’s residence to have dinner and a date. He started touching me inappropriately in a sexual manner. Afterwards, he sexually assaulted me… I am in fear of him and how he will react to these allegations and am requesting a restraining order.”

The protection order was granted, and Matt was not allowed within 100 yards of this woman. Sadly, it could not save her life. After the attack, she took her own life – and I write this with tears in my eyes. This is not okay! Hollywood Gossip – Details on His Alleged Victim’s Suicide.

Also, there are near limitless accounts from women who claim that Matt abused them, manipulated them, treated them poorly in relationships, and abandoned his children. I stand with women! I believe them! Does MTV stand with women???

If you’re still on the fence that Matt is an abuser, consider the things he said on last week’s episode. To Amber’s face, he was kind and loving. He kissed her, told her he loved her, told her he was understanding of her wish not to elope.

Behind her back, he tells producers, “I will fake this [being nice] for the rest of the day. But I am done with her f—ing psycho ass… I will not marry her now…” He also said, “She wants to marry her brother, F—k her.”

Tiffany Can And Should Sue

I’m not a business law expert by any means, but I took a business ethics class and learned that verbal contracts are valid. Tiffany has a video recorded conversation between she and Matt where he confirms a plan to fund her business. He repeatedly tells her that she will be successful, that he will help her, and off-camera he and Amber agreed to fund her business, took meetings, and she genuinely believed she was fortunate to meet them. He also clearly uses the business deal to coerce her into staying silent about the abuses she endured. The court will see through this manipulation, and I believe Tiffany has a solid case against both Matt and Amber.

TIFFANY: If you read this, set up a GO FUND ME account and get yourself some help with legal fees. I’ll help you promote it, and we’ll get you set up with a lawyer.


I’m a totally unabashed and unashamed Teen Mom fan. MTV’s pivotal reality drama was a tour de force in it’s heyday, highlighting the realities of teen pregnancy and the struggles of co-parenting. It has devolved into a show about spending money, but it’s tawdry and it holds my interest. I like a bit of drama; although, I’ve never taken it too seriously until now.

Let me be clear: Until now, I have never felt anger toward any of the girls.

I don’t condemn Farrah when she lashes out at people. I didn’t hate Amber after she let a strange man change her baby’s diaper. I don’t find Gary irredeemable despite his shallow ignorance.

For all their weird shit and drama, I feel there is good in all of them, but I won’t forgive Amber if she doesn’t end her abusive relationship with Matt Baier. And, because I am staunchly anti-rape, I will never forgive MTV if they don’t end their relationship with Matt Baier.

According to Teen Mom Talk Now, MTV refused to air segments of Tiffany on their Being Matt special because Tiffany admitted that Matt took advantage of her. That is so beyond fucked up… So, you’ll air segments glorifying and redeeming an alleged sexual predator, an admitted manipulator, and an alleged conman, but not his most recent victim?!

That is not okay MTV!!!

It’s time for MTV to stand up for victims and make a comment condemning the actions of Matt Baier and if they film another season with him, I will boycott the entire network. I am not okay with sexual assault. I stand with victims, and I hope you stand with victims too.

I call on you to join me in my boycott of MTV to stand in solidarity with Tiffany and Matt’s other victim(s). Until MTV makes a comment condemning Matt and fires him from the show, we should not watch anything the network produces.

Leave a comment and let me know you’re with Tiffany. Also, share this article because as far as I know, it’s the only one that calls a spade a spade – a sexual predator a sexual predator. This is far from a “cheating scandal,” it’s sexual abuse and we should not stand for it.  

Author: Alisia Compton

Alisia Compton is the author of Lucy and the Letter Eaters, Shift River, Twelve: After Midnight, Let No Bell Toll, and Blood on the Vine. She's also written a number of short stories, including: The Dog and Reprieve. Alisia is always eager to discuss her work with new friends, so don’t be afraid to leave a comment or send an email. Alisia is also a full time digital journalist. She helps promote businesses by providing well-researched, highly trafficked, daily fresh content. As a long-time marketing writer and copywriter, she works diligently to provide e-commerce companies, brands and businesses with effective copy proven to sell products and services. Check out www.AlisiaCompton.com to view all the services she offers.

17 Comments on “WTF Why Isn’t MTV And The Media Acknowledging That Teen Mom Star Matt Baier Is A Sexual Predator? (VIDEO Evidence in Post)

  1. I thank this lady for coming out. There are more out there whom he has threatened and are scared to come forward. MATT BAIER really is a sick man who knows how to manipulate females and Amber is falling for it. Everyone needs to stop nitpicking these females apart when they come forward as it only makes his other victims more scared to do so. Support them even if you don’t agree with what they did. Them coming forward, no matter who they choose to do it with, is just another voice out there against this LYING, CONARTIST MONSTER that PREYS AND SWAYS HIS WAY IN WITH THESE FELMALES by telling them what they want to hear for him to get what he wants.

    1. Chelsea, you are so right. In my soon to be published follow-up, I have included a list of people Matt is known to have screwed over, manipulated, lied to, sexually assaulted, etc. etc. IF you can help me add to that list, I would be so grateful. I urge anyone who knows anything to come forward, even if it’s anonymously. I welcome guest posts here and will publish anonymously or name yourself if you can. Either way, I welcome his victims to express themselves in their own words and/or I will interview them and write the post. Ladies, don’t let this man scare you. You deserve justice. He doesn’t deserve MTV’s money. It only fuels him to have more and more victims.

  2. With respect, is there anything you can share after speaking with Tiffany? Sending her good vibes. Thanks for speaking up and writing this article.

    1. Hi Ruby, about to post a follow-up piece. It will have some insights into Tiffany. I love her honesty, but I hate that she blames herself. The dude has a track record of abusing countless women and she was especially vulnerable with her cancer. Overall, I find her to be credible and very brave to come forward. She has endured a lot of abuse over these circumstances to the point that she can’t leave her house because people her neighborhood have labeled her, and even have the nerve to photograph her with her kids. It’s sick and twisted how she’s been blamed and treated with such disrespect. I wish the best for her, and am incredibly grateful to her for allowing me to get to know her a bit. I think she rocks.

  3. Alisia, YOU rock! Your words are eloquent, informative, passionate, yet concise. You are a good sister to provide Tiffany with a safe place. It sounds like she felt at ease opening up to you. So awesome. Just knowing there are women like us out there gives me some solace in this friggin crazy world. Now, off to read your follow-up. Thanks again for your work, girl!

    1. Awww ty Ruby!!! ✌🏻❤ I’ll keep trying to tell it like it is. And together we can change this horrible narrative about tiffany and get MTV to stop celebrating a predator.

      1. I was catching up on the show on demand and with gossip and just became aware of all this while I saw the chapel in Vegas scene. Matt is pressuring marriage, likely to get his hands on Amber’s money and is trying to steamroll that poor woman. Then he yells at her for having a gut feeling that it’s a bad thing to do. Horrible. And I say poor woman because Amber is struggling with trauma and is being taken advantage of on a daily basis.

        1. I feel bad for amber too, but she is in denial. She’s also enabling a dangerous man to continue to be famous and make money which gives him access to so many new victims. I hope she wakes up soon.

  4. Matt Baier is a pathological narcissist/sociopath who is using Amber’s diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder against her…he plays the chameleon in his relationships, mirroring his intended victim’s mannerisms, habits, etc. to slide into their lives nonchalantly and to slowly gain control of the woman’s life in every way imaginable (much like Teresa Russell did in the movie Black Widow). I am appalled that MTV is spreading this criminal’s story, even giving him his own special. I 100% support a boycott of this man in every way, shape, manner, and form.

  5. I have been saying all along the mat is a sexual predator I am so happy and glad to join you in a boycott is simply disgusting

  6. Alisia Compton
    Off subject wanted to know if you could help me out I was booted out of team mom unscripted due to a misunderstanding thought maybe you could put a word in for me so I could talk to Adam to get back in thank you

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