Universal Studios Florida In A Weekend

My BFF Tracy and I were desperate for a weekend getaway, but it’s cold here so we had to head south. My daughters gave us their blessing to head to Universal Studios Orlando as they’d already been, and are basically the kindest kids on the planet.  We were going to stay onsite, but opted to go the cheaper route and booked a room at the Floridian instead.

The flights were cheap. We flew Spirit and it cost less than $200 for our round-trip tickets. If you’ve never flown Spirit before, their bare fare gives excellent rates for destinations around the country. You can’t pack more than a small suitcase, but the allowed bag is big enough for a weekend getaway if you’re not planning to buy a lot of souvenirs.

Orlando is beautiful in February, a welcome relief from the snow. It was mid-70s when we arrived, and we couldn’t be happier having left 30-degree weather. We checked into our accommodations, which were decent. The rooms were very inexpensive, and within walking distance to the park.

We walked the first evening, and chilled in the park and at City Walk, but after that we Uber’d every time. It was a $5 Uber and worth it. Universal is huge, so you walk a ton. We didn’t need the extra tax on our bodies walking to and from the park too.

I should note that Universal gave us an extra ticket for Thursday evening. If you’re going for a weekend, I don’t recommend buying three tickets because you pay a full price even if you’re only there a couple hours. Tickets aren’t cheap, so it’s not worth paying full price for a half day or less.

We started our adventure in the main park, Universal Studios. We hit up the Minion Ride, then spent the rest of the evening eating food and drinking cocktails because that’s what grown ass women do when they can get away with it. It was really fun, and our favorite ride of the night was The Mummy. Tracy had never been before, and I guessed it would be her favorite and it was, so we rode it a couple times.

The food is super good in the park. I recommend getting your meals quick service if you’re looking to save money. The best deals in Universal Studios are in The Simpsons area, and the best food in Islands of Adventure is in the Jurassic Park area. It’s a hike to get to Jurassic Park, but it’s worth it to hold out until you get there. You can get a decent meal for $11, and they have options for nachos, foot long chili dogs, and more.

Although we spent most of our time in the park, we did hit up Orlando’s nightlife scene on Friday night for a few hours. Senor Frogs didn’t have a cover and was packed. The music was cheesy, but the vibe was excellent and the servers and bartenders were energetic and personable. We got cool hats made out of balloons and a free drink.

They make you stand on chairs at Senor Frogs.

On Saturday, we woke up early, did some shopping, and then took a four hour nap in the afternoon. Can’t remember the last time I took a nap like that… It was awesome! I’ll write more about our trip in the next post.



Author: Alisia Compton

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