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Teen Mom OG Matt Baier Alleged Sexual Predator Follow-Up

If you missed my first post, check it out: “WTF Why Isn’t MTV And The Media Acknowledging That Teen Mom Star Matt Baier Is A Sexual Predator?

Before I begin this piece, I want to note that there are many assholes out there judging Tiffany Bassett. If you’re one of those assholes, I hope you read this and stop harassing her. I hope this article inspires you to do the right thing, which is demand that MTV kick Matt Baier off the air. Okay, here goes…

It’s been a whirlwind week. After my last post, Tiffany reached out to me. She’s a cool chick, and I’m glad to call her a new friend. She’s bluntly honest, and holds nothing back regarding her role in the whole cheating fiasco. Although she asserts that she doesn’t feel she was sexually assaulted, I remain firm in my belief that Matt Baier preyed on her and assaulted her.

I should note that Matt Baier is unlikely to have been using drugs at the time of his encounters with Tiffany, and likely never used pills to get high. His addictions are likely lies used to exploit Amber because that’s what he does. Tiffany alleges that her strong pain medications (she has cancer, is prescribed and does not abuse), were left in Matt’s hotel room and he never took one. He could have and didn’t. That’s not the behavior of an addict as I have known them to act. Jeff does corroborate Matt’s alleged drug use and claims Matt offered him a Vicodin in Las Vegas, but I’m still not convinced.

Matt The Coward Will Not Do The Reunion Taping

Tonight, I learned that Matt Baier will not be attending the upcoming reunion episode. Three cheers for those of us on Twitter who called him out for his alleged abuses against women.

These abuses include:

  • His manipulation and verbal and physical assault on Tiffany.
  • The time he allegedly raped a woman who later killed herself (more on that down the page).
  • The time he prayed on a woman whose son was kidnapped and murdered (again down the page).
  • The women he fathered children with and then abandoned after physically or mentally abusing them.
  • The verbal assault on Amber, including the sexually abusive and homophobic language he attacked the show’s producer with.

MTV Needs To Know We Won’t Stand For It

Matt has done some horrible shit, and he knows it, which is why he won’t face Dr. Drew or questions from fans and the audience. He simply doesn’t want to own up to his misogyny; however, it shouldn’t be Matt who decides not to attend the reunion or any future show tapings. It should be MTV who fires his ass.

Think about it – Billy Bush was fired from Access Hollywood for listening to Donald Trump make sexist remarks. Celebrity chef Paula Deen was fired for making racist comments. Charlie Sheen was fired for making anti-Semitic remarks.

Those folks were fired for things they said! Matt Baier, nowhere near a celebrity of the caliber of Billy Bush or Charlie Sheen, has been accused of actual rape. MTV needs to shut his ass down, and issue a statement that they don’t condone violence against women, homophobic slurs, verbal abuse, and sexual assault.

The Alleged Rape That Occurred Just Before Matt Baier Began Dating Amber Portwood

Just a few months before Matt Baier shacked up with Amber Portwood, he was accused of sexual assault in a restraining order. The victim filed her claim in the Massachusetts’ Fall River District Court, and it was granted. It’s very hard to get a restraining order. In most cases, people are awarded a no contact order, which is different than a restraining order. Real duress and fear for safety must be proven for a court to award a restraining order, which tell us that the victim had some proof that she was in fear for her safety.

“I went to Matt Baier’s residence to have dinner and a date,” the women wrote in her affidavit. “He started touching me inappropriately in a sexual manner. Afterwards, he sexually assaulted me… I am in fear of him and how he will react to these allegations, and am requesting a restraining order.”

“There is substantial likelihood of immediate danger of abuse,” the judge wrote.

Sometime after the alleged sexual assault, the victim killed herself; presumably, I believe, she was distraught and could not escape the depression the assault caused her. I believe this due to her family’s actions at her funeral. In lieu of flowers, her family asked that mourners make donations to RAINN, the nation’s leading anti-sexual violence organization. Or, a sexual assault prevention group of their choosing. That is extremely telling regarding the victim’s motivations for suicide, and I feel very sorry for her and wish her surviving family the absolute best.

I have heard her mother is an anti-sexual assault advocate. Although I totally respect the family’s wishes to remain anonymous, this may be a good time to come forward about what happened and expose Matt for what he’s done and what he is continuing to do.

We can’t ignore that every dollar MTV puts in Matt’s pocket and every time MTV airs his ugly mug, he is given access to millions of women – vulnerable women who he can lure with promises of business ventures or fame, much like he lured and manipulated Tiffany.

#TifSpeaks About Her Encounters With Matt And Amber

One of the things that strikes me most about Tiffany is her grief. Here is a girl who survived life-threatening cancer, but lives with a threat of it coming back. After going through something like that, medical treatments, chemo, etc. It takes a lot out of a person. Before cancer, she had it all going on. After cancer, it all fell apart – physically, mentally, and financially. It’s a common after effect of chemo.

So, she sends out a PR blast hoping to receive some funding for her dream business – paramedical tattooing. What a great idea? To use her tattooing skills for good. To help people like her.

No, she wasn’t looking for a romantic relationship. Matt was. He jumped on her bandwagon because she’s beautiful. He wanted her. So, he used her PR blast to begin a grooming campaign that went on for quite a while. Tiffany admits that she felt if she didn’t give in to his sexual advances she would not receive the $15,000 in funding for her business.

Read all about Grooming here: Sexual Offender Tactics and Grooming


To the online bullies that have been using shaming language (“whore,” “prostitute,” etc.), why do you care so much? So, what? Honestly, it was something Tiffany tried to avoid at first, then tentatively thought she could flirt her way through it, gained some feelings, and ended up very sorry and very hurt. And, Matt has proven time and time again that he is a master manipulator.

Why should Tiffany have to be stronger than his tactics? He has victimized so many women before her; yet, you act like she is different; should have reacted different. Stop bullying her. Put the blame where it belongs. It belongs on Matt.

Let’s not forget there are countless other women. Tiffany happens to have cancer, and admitted to being extremely vulnerable; she asked Matt to be careful with her feelings and he exploited her. She was in just a terrible emotional state, and he used his twisted, psychopathic, manipulative ways to exploit her.

How do the bullies justify taking up for his other victims, but not for Tiffany?

A direct Matt Baier quote while interviewing for Blog Talk Radio in 2008  – “I would do and say whatever someone needed me to in order to endear myself to them… I couldn’t keep a relationship because I was so self-destructive. I wanted everybody to love me, but I couldn’t return the love.”

When he delivered that quote he was interviewing under the assumed pen name, Grey Baker. He has used many different names to perpetuate his abuses against women and others.

A Long List Of People Matt Baier Lied To, Sexually Assaulted, Manipulated, Or Stole From

The alleged sexual assault victim

Tiffany Bassett (He once belligerently sexted Tiffany while her child was in hospital. She repeatedly told him her child was in hospital, so he sent her a D pic.)

Kelly Nunn

His 7 Kids and Their Respective Mothers

Judy Cornett – A women who works to prevent child sex abuse after her own son was kidnapped, raped, and killed. Matt Baier allegedly used that information to get close to her and scheme some of her fame. She also alleges he stole $1500 from her and lied about being molested as a child: http://www.designntrend.com/articles/70959/20160226/teen-mom-og-more-matt-baier-s-sketchy-past-revealed-fake-names-sex-abuse-claims.htm.

Theresa Martin

His own son, Chris Baier (scroll down on that page; interview is below the video)

A Twitter user name Lindsay (3rd story down the page)

Everyone who read his book (he said he worked in radio for “many years,” when he was fired after 6 months. It’s one of countless lies).

The retail establishments he defrauded with his bad checks

Jeanette Reedy

The Other Teen Moms (He trolled all the girls, but was the worst to Kail.)

And, of course Amber Portwood

Tweet me names so I can add to my list. @AlisiaCompton

Pattern Of Abuse Established

I implore anyone who is thinking about attacking Matt’s victims to think again. There wouldn’t be so many victims if the scumbag wasn’t good at hurting people. He admitted on a radio program that he ingratiates himself to women. He identifies their vulnerabilities and he exploits them. It’s the predator’s way.

Clearly, Matt Baier is a scumbag, liar, cheater, and all around horrible dude. MTV needs to kill his career, and Amber needs to rescue herself. She’s way too good for him, and he’s a dangerous person who can and will cause her to lose custody of Leah.

IN case you weren’t totally convinced he’s not perfect for Amber, here’s that clip where he makes sexually abusive comments to a producer behind Amber’s back, tries to force her to marry him without her family present, verbally assaults Amber behind her back, and makes homophobic comments about her brother: