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All The Crazy Dirt On That Woman Who Freaked Out On The Kissing Couple, Anna Storelli

Like everyone else, I sometimes become obsessed with memes. Case in point is the viral video “Restaurant freakout in Santa Monica.” I watched the video like two hours after it was posted on Reddit, and am not surprised it’s gone viral. What does surprise me is the lasting impression the video has left on me… I’ve done some hardcore Googling, and this is what I’ve found out about her, Anna Storelli (alleged sexual harassment victim) and the couple who videotaped the freak-out, but first here’s the video that made her infamous:

If you haven’t watched the video in its entirety, I suggest you do so now. The best part comes at the end when Storelli shouts that she’s “an American from California.” The peanut gallery lets out a collective sigh (best moment ever). The bystanders have just had it with her. Throughout the video, you hear her call the girlfriend a “wh*re,” a “prostitute,” and a “sl*t,” but it’s her ethnocentricity that really pushes people’s buttons. I am totes feeling these bystanders, the videographer, and especially his calm-as-Hindu-cow girlfriend.

I wouldn’t have been so nice, and probably would have been taken out of there in handcuffs. This video had everything I love in it, primarily fighting in a restaurant. I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I did some digging and what I found is both morbidly entertaining and sad. You’ve been warned.


Anna Storelli Is Married To Justin Bieber

Real quote from Anna Storelli: “Go get a room if you want to bang your wh*re.”

Storelli’s Twitter account @annastorelli is so odd. (I should note this Twitter account isn’t even the weirdest thing I’ve learned about her…)

She claims to be married to Justin Bieber, and not (I repeat NOT) dating Jeff, her sister’s boyfriend. She’s been a racist since at least June 22nd 2016, as that’s when she referred to Selena Gomez as Justin Bieber’s (her alleged husband) “evil Chicana ex” and a “sl*tty Mexican daughter prostitute whose no good.”

She Was Charged In A Hit And Run And Has Multiple Restraining Orders!!!

One Commentator Claims To Know Her:

She Maybe Lost Her Mind After Playing Virtual Reality Second Life For 365 Hours Straight

She Maybe Has Dealt With A Lot Of Trauma Or Believes She Has…

She Used To Be Really Normal, Which Is Very Sad

Check out this picture of her listing her hobbies and accomplishments. She was a good student, a decent human being, yet she has a lot of problems now. I should note, she’s worked at DC Comics, was a teacher, and had numerous accolades in college. People snap, sure… But, it’s possible the Second Life study made her snap… I don’t know, but I feel bad for her and think this viral story should get a happy ending. Someone save this girl!

She’s An Amateur Porn Star

I’m not going to share links to her porn, or even look it up myself. I read on a few sites that she’s an amateur porn star, and more power to her. I did find this photo on her Twitter feed. Those are implants right?

The Couple In The Video

So what does the couple who grabbed the viral video have to say about Anna Storelli? The boyfriend posted the video to Reddit, and this was the message he included,”

“Last night my girlfriend of four years and I were waiting patiently for a lady to order her food at this restaurant in Santa Monica, and I had my arms around her from behind and maybe kissed her on the top of the head once or twice, but that was the extent of it.

Out of nowhere, the lady looks at us and exclaims emphatically how inappropriate [our] PDA was and how uncomfortable it was making her.

I thought she was joking because of how little we were actually making contact. I turned and kissed my girlfriend on the cheek and made a loud smack, and that’s where she really lost it.”

The Reddit thread originally included a YouTube video, which I watched it from, but they updated to the LiveLink video and I can’t find their YouTube anymore, so maybe they deleted it to protect their identities? Other than the original post, I have no information on the posters.

Final Thoughts

That stuff about Second Life is really weird… To live in a virtual world for that amount of time is really unhealthy, but is it believable? Maybe this is all an elaborate production in an attempt to go viral? Stranger things have been staged… Storelli does have a page on (pictured below). Is this an indicator that she’s faked us all out, or is she simply trying to cash in on her viral fame?

Author: Alisia Compton

Alisia Compton is the author of Lucy and the Letter Eaters, Shift River, Twelve: After Midnight, Let No Bell Toll, and Blood on the Vine. She's also written a number of short stories, including: The Dog and Reprieve. Alisia is always eager to discuss her work with new friends, so don’t be afraid to leave a comment or send an email. Alisia is also a full time digital journalist. She helps promote businesses by providing well-researched, highly trafficked, daily fresh content. As a long-time marketing writer and copywriter, she works diligently to provide e-commerce companies, brands and businesses with effective copy proven to sell products and services. Check out to view all the services she offers.

40 Comments on “All The Crazy Dirt On That Woman Who Freaked Out On The Kissing Couple, Anna Storelli

  1. I basically lived my entire life on Second Life for one year, and I’m not batshit crazy in the slightest. (although someone who was would say the exact same thing, I’m sure hahaha, so you’re gonna have to take my word for it.)
    When I was 27 my doctors thought I had an extremely aggressive case of mono, which later ended up being Lupus SLE. I was so sick that I left school, moved from Berkeley to Dallas where my dad lived and basically spent a whole year in bed.
    I was COMPLETELY laid up, and discovered Second Life. I quickly became hooked because it was a way of socializing without having to get out of bed.
    After the year of living with my dad and being hooked on this game, I got a little better, moved back to the Bay Area and stopped playing.
    The year of being immersed in SL did not affect me at all, at least not that I’m aware of. What affected me was having to adjust to a chronic illness, but that’s normal, I think.
    I would NEVER do anything like this! I’ve never had a restraining order against me or filed against anyone else.
    My point, I suppose, is that I don’t think the game is to blame here, or the study. I still keep in touch with a handful of people I met through SL, and they too are just normal, regular, not insane, upstanding citizens.
    I really believe that there is MAJOR mental illness going on here, either caused by brain chemistry or substance abuse or both.

  2. The writer researched the people involved, but neglected to research schizophrenia, which is usually not present until the individual is 18 or older.

    1. Hi Annette. I’m the writer, and no I didn’t research schizophrenia, but my brother has it and if he’s not offended by my content, neither should anyone else be. That being said, we don’t know for sure that’s her diagnosis. She could have mental illness, but just as likely this is an elaborate viral hoax. If she is suffering schizophrenia or anything else, she needs help and I hope she gets it. I hope her newfound notoriety will help her not hinder her. #saveannastorelli

    2. I think it would be quite inappropriate to start pontificating about the gritty details of her mental illness. Her behavior isn’t even really schizo, it’s more histrionic. So why would someone just pick a mental illness to research? This comment shows your ignorance on the entire subject, ironically.

  3. Her “fame” whatever profile…..she wrote “white-not Spanish or Hispanic” !!!!???? Wowwwww….not sure why she didn’t add not Nigerian in there?lol

      1. I love how you can just dismiss your comments on mental illness because you have a brother with mental issues. That gives you the right to declare that because he is not offended, no one else with that illness should be? Then you cop an attitude and call you racist to say you are not hispanic? Even if she specifically typed the words, who are you to be offended? (you called it racism and its clear that your liberal ass would never say racism isnt offensive) You can claim that hundreds of thousands of people should not be offended because of your brothers feelings about what his sister wrote? You look pretty damn white to me and I asked my gardner(who IS HISPANIC) and he was not offended. So, no other hispanics should be offended, especially not a white one like you.

        1. Lmfao!!! Calm down. It’s just a blog post. I’m not offended by a single thing Anna Storelli has done including how she fills out forms. I honestly hope she gets help, and also makes some money off her sudden viral fame. That being said, I don’t give a f*ck who is offended including you because I own this website and I can write whatever I want on it. If that makes you freak out, I’m sorry. Maybe step away from the computer? It’s spring time, take a break from the comment section…

    1. That’s a common term for indicating race/ethnic origin. White/non-Hispanic is basically Caucasian now, at least on all the forms I see at work.

        1. So quick to scream racism. Just stop doing that, its bad for us all and f’s up race relations. No way in hell your liberal biased opinion would ever dare hint it was racist for a black guy to mention that he isnt white. And, it sees like you were jumping to conclusions and wrong anyway. Stop throwing around the word racism so loosely(yes, even when leveling it at white people, aunt Tom). It makes things worse. Damn, your supposed to be some sort of journalist and you throw that word around and get corrected in comments section. Excellent work. You’ll be writing at the New York Times in no time with that sort of liberal bias and assumptions. Pathetic.

        2. Lmao! You’re obsessed with me. Damn take a breather. It’s not that serious dude. And, this is a blog, but thanks for comparing the posts here to serious journalism. I take that as a compliment. Now, I can tell you’re a bit slow, so let me explain – someone else pointed out that she wrote “not Hispanic,” without reading what Anna wrote, I agreed that’s weird. Anna has a history of racist comments; however, someone else noted that was a form filling and not Anna’s words, which I agreed made way more sense and that we’d jump the gun in regards to that… Is that not enough for you??

      1. Most applications and other papers I have had to fill out for insurance and other forms of that nature all have the little box that says Whit, not hispanic or Latino so I really don’t feel she was being racist but of course that’s just my opinion. P. S I am hispanic, Mexican American to be exact and I did not feel she was being racist. J. S

    2. Seriously??? Have you never filled out a form asking what race you are??? You SJW types have got to stop with the red herring b.s. of everything being racist!!!
      Standard classifications of race can be most commonly attributed to categories developed by the U.S. Census Bureau… All federal forms, that include race classifications, utilize a standard formula of categorization that include four race categories and two ethnicity categories.
      Categories are as follows:
      Four Race Categories-
      -American Indian and Alaska Native
      -Asian and Pacific Islander
      Two Ethnicity Categories:
      Many non-federal companies, to include dating sites and social media sites utilize this formula as a way of categorizing race. In this case, Anna Storelli classified herself as -white- non-Hispanic using the categories on whatever form was provided.
      The overwhelming number of Hispanics are actually racially white and ethically Hispanic. By the same token, many people are racially white, but ethically non-Hispanic.
      It’s not like she thought up a way to intentionally be racial… She just filled out a form!

    3. Wowwwww….not sure why YOU didn’t add not black in there? lol STOP LOOKING FOR RACISM EVERYWHERE! She said racist things, but what you are pointing at SIMPLY IS NOT RACISM, STOP STOP STOP. GODDAMN SJW’S. IM SO SICK OF YOU ALWAYS YELLING RACISM AT WHAT WHITE, AND ONLY WHITE, PEOPLE SAY. SHUT UP ALREADY

  4. This is not schizophrenia but rather a classic case of Borderline Personality Disorder outburst unfortunately it was triggered by this couple’s rather innocent PDA. The throwing of insults and then “playing” the victim along with her exreme mood is highly evident of someone with BPD.

    1. There’s another vid out there of her talking to herself in public (about mermaids no less). Schizophrenia does not seem to be a stretch

  5. That are not implants. I checked her videos and they’re 100% natural. In my opinion a sexy, slidely chubby and cute girl. I don’t think she deserves all that hate. Fat, ugly etc… And she obviously is a good and easy target/meal for this hate hungry and very dense internet crowd.

    1. That’s so cute. That your desire to hit that means you KNOW that they’re not implants.
      You obviously know very little about women their bodies and/or plastic surgery.

      If you were actually reading anything instead of just getting excited about a BBW cuz that’s obviously what you like….. you’d see that none of the comments above mentioned her weight or even her looks at all……. they were talking about her MENTAL STATE.

      And yeah, you’re right, having a Tasmanian Devil tantrum in a restaurant for any reason…. makes you an easy target. Because ITS CRAZY.


  6. No matter what it is that’s wrong with her she should be on medication so society doesn’t have to pay the price.It is clear she is sick.Medicate this woman before her mouth gets her into real trouble.Her behavior is plain disgusting and its on utube for everyone to see.Some doctor please help her and do society as well as this angry woman a favor.

  7. I think that from her history and her behavior (as well as the disjointedness of her verbal and written responses), it’s clear that she has a psychotic process going on. She may be in the early stages of schizophrenia, or it may be drug-induced psychosis. Borderline PD is another good guess and it may be that both are present.
    All I know is that she seems legitimately mentally ill and it seems quite sad to me now, in that context. I’ve been a psychologist for 12 years now, and IMO, that level of disjointedness is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to fake. Therefore, I doubt this is a publicity stunt. Additionally, she’s certainly at the right age for Schizophreniform disorder or Delusional Disorder – and it may be that it runs in her family.
    Oddly, I feel quite sorry for her now. Despite her vile comments, she’s clearly suffering. And, for some people, when their pain is too great, they lash out.

    1. That’s exactly how I feel. I really respected the woman she attacked for keeping her composure. I wouldn’t have and I would have regretted flipping out on her because she clearly is suffering. Thank you for your comment.

  8. Found all of this as the same info is posted everywhere; pretty much verbatim, all of what you have written. More interested in people that really know her and if she is being helped.

        1. Yeah I’m so defensive that I publish all of these comments that I moderate…. If I gave a shit, do you think I would publish them? No, I wouldn’t.

  9. I get being skeptical and throwing out the possibility that it’s some hoax butttt I highly doubt that. She was tweeting weird crap to Justin Bieber back in 2015 meaning this is so elaborate she built up being fake crazy for years including getting multiple restraining orders placed on her. then there’s the lack of payoff … She does this as a hoax yet doesn’t direct traffic to anything but a no longer used Twitter account? No YouTube and not selling anything etc all just for the hell of it

  10. Haha. I love your responses to the people attacking you. You’re a legit person and someone id love to hang out with. Feel free to email me. [Email redacted]
    Let’s make friends not war!!!

    1. P.s. I’m a normal girl, fascinated with the crazy crap of today’s society and love to meet people with similar interests. Living in NY, a photographer, a social worker, and love making friends in unlikely places. Hit me up and come visit me anytime! 🙂

      1. Hi Karissa. I bookmarked your email address, but deleted it from the comment area so you don’t get spammed. I emailed you, so check your spam if you’re missing that. I’m an enfp personality, so my nice days are wishy-washy. Sometimes, I want to be kind to everyone; on rarer days, I’m like nah, I can be petty. But, truthfully, I love and appreciate everyone’s passionate response to this post.

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