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All The Crazy Dirt On That Woman Who Freaked Out On The Kissing Couple, Anna Storelli

Like everyone else, I sometimes become obsessed with memes. Case in point is the viral video “Restaurant freakout in Santa Monica.” I watched the video like two hours after it was posted on Reddit, and am not surprised it’s gone viral. What does surprise me is the lasting impression the video has left on me… …

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Fake News is an Epidemic. You’re the Cure.

(I wrote this article for my English class, but in light of the terrorfying Pizzagate shooting, I wanted to share it here. Fake news is dangerous, but together we can stop its widespread dissemination. Keep reading to learn why fake news is spread, and what you can do to stop it.) I to consider myself a …

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Increased Polar Bear Sightings Linked to Shrinking Habitat

Polar bears reside mainly in Canada and throughout the artic region. They live, eat, mate, and sleep on ice. They are the largest of all the bear species and their massive weight and thick furry coat makes them perfectly suited to live life on the ice. Their bodies are equipped with thicker-than-average fur, and they …