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Ken Bone, Mustachioed Man Who Asked A Question In Red Sweater, Did A Reddit AMA And The Amount Of Money He Made From Viral Fame May Surprise You

From KnowYourMeme.com:

“Ken Bone is a man who asked a question during the second 2016 United States Presidential Election Debate, which had a town hall format in which selected undecided voters ask questions directly to the candidates. Bone asked a question about the candidates’ energy policies, but because of his name and appearance, he immediately became popular on social media as users joked about him and engaged in ironic fandom.”

Yesterday’s late night AMA (ask me anything) Reddit was Ken Bone, and he addressed his Reddit history that was dragged in the media and how much money he earned during his 15-minutes of fame. Remember, Bone didn’t even go viral with a video – he was a photograph turned meme. I would be so down with anyone – someone anyone please – turning me into a meme, so I can get that meme money.

The Amount Ken Bone Made Will Astound You

So, how much did Ken Bone earn from his meme fame? When UberAndLyftSuck asked, “Are the 15 minutes not up yet?” Bone (StanGibson18) responded, “Based on the number of people who ask me this same question every damn day, I’m going to say no.”

User JimmyCarterDiedToday (great screenname btw) asked the question we were all wondering, “Can you give us a bottom line number on how much you’ve netted to date from your new found fame?”

Not one to beat around the bush (but, never one to grab women by their p*ssies), Bone responded, “About $135k from t-shirt sales and endorsements. In addition we’re at nearly $50k for charities.”

There you have it, folks. Contact me if you’re interested in taking ridiculous photos and putting words over them because I need that meme monies like yesterday.

So, What Has Ken Bone To Say Of His Questionable Reddit History?

Internet sleuths were eager to take Bone down at the height of his fame, so they published some Reddit comments he’d made in the past. He slut-shamed Jennifer Lawrence after she was hacked and her nude photos were leaked (you can learn more about this by checking out my post on TheRichest: 15 Times Hackers Stole A Celeb’s Private Pics And Released Them Online).

“Maybe she should have been more careful with her pics, but the bad guys are still the ones who sought them out and looked at them. By which I mean guys like me. I saw her butt hole. I liked it.”

So, the Bone is a bit of a bone-head. The worst thing he published were comments on the February 26th, 2012 unjustified killing of Trayvon Martin.

He also sort of admitted to committing fraud, but at least it was to keep a job.

In his Reddit AMA, he was asked by user steelcurtain87 about these comments.

At least he admits they were mistakes, and says that he’s learned from them. That’s enough to earn my forgiveness, but I never really gave a crap about Ken Bone to begin with. Overall, the AMA was expectedly boring, but I’ll leave you with this nugget (it was my favorite from the questions that were answered):

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