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How to Make Money Using Your Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Etc.)

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Okay – first things first – I must issue this disclaimer: I rarely earn money on social media. I spend money on social media. I sometimes use it as a marketing tool and buy ads, etc. These ads do generate revenue for my businesses, but that’s not what I’m going to teach you. I’m going to teach you how to use your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to generate profit and score free products. The only reason I don’t use these methods is because I own websites and write for businesses, and I do most of my marketing there.

Sign up as an Affiliate Marketer

I primarily use because their interface is simple and easy to use. ShareASale has thousands of merchants looking for marketers, so it’s a great place to start; however, it’s not the only place to sign up as an affiliate. A simple Google search will introduce you to millions of brands, businesses, and affiliate groups to join. (Just be sure to do your homework because there are plenty of scams out there too). Amazon and eBay have their own affiliate programs if you want to promote products.

To be successful as an affiliate marketer, you should focus on selling just one or a few items. This is called a niche. FYI: I am so bad at this. I am like a fish out of water, or a writer without a niche. I just share whatever floats my boat in the moment, but you shouldn’t follow my style if you want to make a lot of money. Instead, you should focus on a niche, something you’re an expert in and sell that. It could be a cool application or a beauty brand you love.

A final word of advice: DON’T OVERSHARE. People won’t follow you if you’re posts are boring, salesy, or spammy. In fact, you could end up blocked or reported. The secret is to create engaging posts and thoughtful content that’s relevant to your followers.

Get Paid to Twitter

If you don’t have a Twitter – sign up. It’s simple and the posts are short (140 characters or less), so there’s not a huge time commitment. You’ll need to build up a following; if you already have more than 500 followers, you’re ready to leverage these followers and earn some money. How much you get paid is dependent on how many followers you have, so if you’re one of those with 10,000+ followers, you could make some serious cash promoting products and services.

Here’s where you sign up to get paid to Tweet:

Create Ads for Local Brands and Businesses

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more have really simple ad development interfaces. Despite their simplicity, many small businesses don’t leverage these platforms for advertising. To cash in on this, create a flyer with some information about social media marketing. Let businesses know you’re available to create ads for them at a low rate, and include some stats or an infographic showing how social media marketing can generate more business. You can mail this flyer or deliver it in person.

Facebook sells ads for as little as $5, so businesses have an opportunity to try your service without spending a fortune. Double the ad cost to earn money for yourself. So, if a business chooses to purchase advertising for $500, you would charge $1,000 and keep $500 for yourself. No matter if you create an ad for $5 or $500, the time and effort is always the same. It takes less than an hour to create these ads, so you have an opportunity to make a lot of money.

Ask Businesses if You Can Manage their Social Media Accounts

Just like the above, you can promote yourself as a social media account manager. It will be your job to post to the company’s social media pages, and promote their content and services. Just like you log into your own social media accounts, you’ll log into theirs and schedule posts.

You can sell yourself hourly or charge a flat rate. I charge a flat rate of $25 per month for two posts a day, and I use HootSuite to create all eight posts on a single day (and it takes less than an hour). For additional posts, I charge just $2 and allow companies to purchase unlimited posts. It’s a sweet gig.

Earn Free Stuff by Becoming an Influencer

So, this one isn’t going to earn you any cash, but it will ensure expensive, awesome, new products are delivered to your doorstep every week. I love influencer marketing. It’s fun because of these sites, I have some stuff I never would have been able to afford otherwise (designer makeup, kitchen gadgets, smart devices, etc. etc.) All you have to do is sign up at these sites, and wait to be selected for sampling. (MY FAVE!) (MY SECOND FAVE)

Final Thoughts:

The most important thing is that you remain authentic. A lot of your social media followers are your friends and family, and they don’t want to feel like you’re using them for profit. Be yourself and gain more followers the organic way. This means, stay of social media trains (like for likes, paid likes, etc.). If you’re genuine and professional, you can earn some nice side-income via social media with little effort on your part.

Author: Alisia Compton

Alisia Compton is the author of Lucy and the Letter Eaters, Shift River, Twelve: After Midnight, Let No Bell Toll, and Blood on the Vine. She's also written a number of short stories, including: The Dog and Reprieve. Alisia is always eager to discuss her work with new friends, so don’t be afraid to leave a comment or send an email. Alisia is also a full time digital journalist. She helps promote businesses by providing well-researched, highly trafficked, daily fresh content. As a long-time marketing writer and copywriter, she works diligently to provide e-commerce companies, brands and businesses with effective copy proven to sell products and services. Check out to view all the services she offers.

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