Get A Job Writing For A Popular Website

Small websites aren’t where it’s at. They can’t afford you, so make them do their own blogging. The time you spend writing should be comparable to an hourly job, and you set your per hour rate. I like to work part time for a minimum of $16 an hour. I don’t put a cap on my earnings, and at times have earned ridiculously more per hour, but sixteen is my minimum wage.

Only Apply To The Big Websites

Small websites don’t have the budget for you, and they can go under at any time. Popular websites aren’t going anywhere – that’s job security; plus, they have more money, so they can afford you. They typically pay in one of two ways: per word or per view. If you’re paid per view, you have a window for unlimited earning potential, but this only works if your articles get a lot of traffic. Never trust an offer that pays per view from a website that doesn’t see at least a million views per day; this almost guarantees you’ll be writing for free.

To find a popular site in your niche, just Google what you’re good at. Do you want to write about gardening? Can you prove your chops (these sites want to see examples of your hard work)? If so, send a cover letter asking for work to every high ranking website you can find in your niche. The bigger the net you cast, the larger the fish you can catch.

How To Check A Website’s Traffic

If you want to know if it’s worth your time to query a particular website, all you have to do is Google it. Lots of websites look like they get tons of traffic, but in reality do very poorly. If you’re getting paid per view, this isn’t going to do you much good. If you’re getting paid per word, go for it but be prepared for fallout later (missed payments, longer waits for payouts, and sudden loss of work). The secret is to have lots of eggs in different baskets, so if something falls through you’re still making money. The other secret is to avoid that pitfall altogether and only apply to gigs that are guaranteed to survive, such as hugely trafficked websites.

To see if a website is popular, Google its alexa rankings and the website’s name; for example, “alexa rankings” This should give you a pretty good idea of how much traffic the site gets. To see how valuable a site is, just alter your search a bit. Search “how much is worth.”

I get paid per view to write for It’s awesome because the website is very popular. Alexa ranks it as number 1,478 in the US and 3,858 globally. That means my articles have the potential to go viral, and one viral article pays for any that didn’t go viral. It’s the only position I currently hold that pays me per view and it’s my favorite writing gig because it’s fun and pays handsomely.

Overall, it’s important to know the value of something before you dive in. This will help you ensure that you always get paid what you’re worth, and that you are successful in promoting your brand as a writer. From time to time, you may be offered good deals from low-traffic websites, and these will be good for a time, but they’re not sustainable for the long-term. If you want more opportunities, renown, and money, you’ll heed my advice and send your applications to big sites only.

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