The Truth About Catherine the Great

Should we call those stall eyes?  
I noticed Catherine the Great was trending on Google
today.  It was mentioned on The Big Band Theory
last night that Catherine the Great had participated in a particularly creative
form of bestiality.  Wow America!  Is this really where we’re getting our
history lessons now?   
Allow me to break this one down for you.  The rumor is that Catherine the Great, or
Cathy Horsey Humper, died when her servants lost their hold on ropes, while lowering
a horse on her for sexual purposes. 
Rumor is Cathy had a penchant for horse dong.  Doubtful, but a fun story none the less.
The truth about Catherine the Great’s death is still fairly
humorous.  Not horse humping shocking,
just a little funny.  She died of a
stroke while sitting on the toilet in the palace at St. Petersburg.  That is the absolutely truth about her death. 
However, some say she was so obese that she broke the
toilet, was injured and died of blood loss. 
This is considered a rumor, but one that could be true given the
location is the same and Catherine the Great was very overweight.  The only proven account of her death was that
she suffered a stroke while using the john. 

The horse rumors came about because Catherine the Great used
her handmaidens to test “studs” for her. 
Not horses!  Nope.  Beefy man cake, that’s what Cathy liked and
lots of it.  She would have her
handmaidens test a man and if he was any good, she’d bed him.  She kept a harem of men for her sexual
purposes and because they were referred to as, “studs,” the rumor came about
that she died in a freak horse humping accident.  
Just curious but has anyone seen horses and people…err
together?  I don’t think they would use a
system of pulleys to lower the horse down on the person, but maybe they do.  Answers please, without too much  detail are
Horse: “No, means no!”

4 comments to The Truth About Catherine the Great

  • Lady Jayne's Pillow Book  says:

    I find this sort of thing absolutely fascinating!

    I seem to recall reading some where that tales of Catherine’s insatiable sexuality and her preference for bestiality were actually part of a slander campaign against her waged by her many enemies at court.

    I find it really interesting how these rumors weaseled their way into the history books, as it were.

  • Alisia  says:

    Yes, I believe you’re right about that. I have heard the men from other courts were completely put off by her, despite them having harems and things of their own.

    I absolutely love your blog by the way! Lots of interesting stuff there.

  • Lady Jayne's Pillow Book  says:

    Thanks so much! I’m really enjoying your blog too.

    In fact, I think I’m gonna go drool all over your Zachary Quinto post for a little bit.


  • Anonymous  says:

    here is a clip…but it is sad because the guy died afterwards: look up “two guys one horse”.

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