Willow Fire AZ 7 8 2004 SE burnout 035-002Do you suffer from burnout? I do…Big time. I write countless articles every week and I’ve been doing the same thing for six years. It’s a fickle business making ends meet. I have to commit myself to a lot of work from many different sources, and I’m not a machine so I get burnout and burnout holds me back.

Burnout causes panic to set in

Burnout can’t control me… It can’t because I have dreams (big dreams). Those dreams have little to do with my career and more to do with financial freedom for my family and the chance to do serious good in the world. I want to help people! I deserve it, don’t I? (That’s when the fear turns to panic because during these moments of severe burnout, I begin to have self-confidence issues too).

I have no ideas and I’m exhausted and I’m frustrated and I’m bitchy. And, the family that motivates me is beginning to feel a bit let down. And, I am well-aware that I’ve been down this road before (many times). That’s the panicked voice of burnout.

Burnout keeps me writing lists

Everything suffers during periods of burnout. During these tailspins, I take stock of what I have control over. I can be a good mother. I can continue writing articles anonymously and I can make money. I take on more work, too much work, and I earn more money, but that’s all I do (in my pajamas all day and night). I convince myself that my problems will all be solved if I can just earn a couple hundred dollars more…But, this manic behavior causes everything else to suffer.

The result is an epic crash and a terrible case of burnout and a very messy house. And, thus a bit of stress turns into full on burnout, the symptoms of which are: irritability, exhaustion, fatigue, and laziness. (My house has yet to recover from a recent rash of burnout, but I’ve scheduled cleaning and domestic bliss is on my horizon.) I write articles and nothing else; I neglect my other work (the work I do for myself, such as this blog post) and the things I normally do to care for myself (showering and exercise).

I’ve found that my burnout is exacerbated by my surroundings; meaning, I have to be tidy and surrounded by motivating images to feel at Continue reading

Baby turtles are so stinking cute. My kids have been begging for a baby turtle forever, but we already have a bird, a dog, and two cats. I’m definitely considering getting a turtle over summer a break because they’re awesome and easy to care for. They’ll have more time to handle his care while they’re home for the summer, and by the time they go back to school they’ll be very familiar with his needs.

Don’t Feed Him Right Away

Like all newborns, baby turtles need nutrients to survive; however, during the first week of life they don’t require any feeding. At that time, he’s collecting all the nutrients he needs from his yolk sac. Once it disappears inside of him, that’s when we’ll need to start him on a healthy diet.

Commercial Turtle Food is Okay for Baby Turtles

So long as the ingredients are organic and natural, store bought turtle food should be okay. Both water and land turtles will appreciate the vitamin and nutrient rich commercial turtle food. It’s available at most pet food stores, but only pet specific stores and Amazon have organic versions.

Remember: Not all commercial foods are created equal. Many contain fillers, such as flies or dead ants. Avoid these fillers at all cost!

Nature Zone SNZ54661 Melon Flavored Total Bites Soft Moist Food for Tortoise, 9-Ounce

Sometimes, commercial turtle food is sticks or pellets. It’s not always flakes. The important thing is that it’s the right size for your baby turtle to eat it comfortably. Wee baby turtles don’t have big mouths, so look for foods that are age-appropriate. If the food is still too large, you can smoosh it into smaller pieces. In general, your baby turtle is going to eat once a day, but as he grows he’ll eat less (these are easy care animals). Once he’s reached maturity, feed him three times a week.

Supplement His Diet with Meat and Veggies

Your baby turtle is an omnivore, but as he grows he’ll become a vegetarian. Treat your baby turtle to lean meats that are chopped up small and served raw. If your commercial food is high in protein, ask a veterinarian before supplementing with proteins. Or, avoid it completely.

Brine shrimp, fish, and earthworms are all lean meats that are high in protein. Occasionally add some dark greens, such as spinach or kale. If you’re not Continue reading

“A Birthday Cake for George Washington” has been recalled. This is the first time I’ve actually championed the banning of a book. The children’s title, written by Ramin Ganeshram and illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton, tells the story of happy slaves who bake a cake for their master, George Washington… You read that correctly… The book depicts George Washington’s slaves as happy people who feel “honored” and “privileged…”

Here’s an actual quote from the title: As Washington’s slave Hercules serves him a cake, he says, “An honor and a privilege sir… Happy birthday, Mr. President.”

Wow… The book fails to mention how terribly harsh slave conditions were. It fails to mention that Hercules was so unhappy that he actually ran away a year later. It fails to mention how being a slave was neither an honor nor a privilege; it was in fact cruel and horrible, as we all know. The only people who can’t understand that slave times were horrible are children because they’ve yet to be educated on its harsh realities.

Who in their right mind would seek to sugarcoat the enslavement of African-Americans to children or to anyone for that matter? Unfortunately, Scholastic, the publisher we all know and love, thought this was a title worthy of their publishing. Someone in their acquisition department thought this ridiculously whitewashed depiction of slave times was worthy of American children.

From an article published on the Huffington Post:

“The School of Library Journal called the book ‘highly problematic’ and Kirkus Reviews labeled it ‘an incomplete, even dishonest treatment of slavery.’ But neither of these critical reviews generated a public response from Scholastic.”

Wow… So, Scholastic couldn’t be bothered to issue an apology, acknowledge their mistake, and move on gracefully? Instead, they waited until public outcry was massive; in fact, thousands of people signed a protest opinion and critical reviews went viral all over the web. Only then did Scholastic make a statement, “first by the editor, then the author, and finally from the corporate office.”

There’s really no good excuse for a book like this. Happy slaves, smiling slaves… This isn’t a reality. This is a lie, and it’s a bad lie. It’s the lie of Gone with the Wind, when Scarlett talks about her slaves as if they wanted to be slaves; as if Mammy wanted to be owned by her family. Slavery was rotten business; it Continue reading

Ooh, I just learned some cool hashtags for tweeting and Instagramming the books I’m reading. It’s like a virtual book club; I love it! I can’t wait to start uploading photos of whatever I’m reading and see who in the world shares my tastes in books.

Here’s a tip, you can take a screenshot of covers via the Kindle app (or iBook or whatever you’re using), if you’ve gone digital as I have. I still love the feel of a title in my hands, but it’s just easier to read on my phone or tablet. So, if you’ve got a physical copy by all means take cute photos of it next to your tea, but you can photograph your devices to or take screenshots.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the hashtags I’ll be using:


The Guardian wants to know what you’re reading. They may even feature you in their weekly blog, so tag them in all of your books-related posts. I’ll be tagging the same. You can follow me @Diva4lisia on Instagram and @AlisiaCompton on Twitter.


The hashtag basically says it all…I am reading The Revenant right now; hopefully, I finish while the movie is still in theaters. It’s an engrossing page turner, so hopefully I’ll get it finished.


Popsugar, one of my all-time favorite girly blogs, wants to know what you’re reading… And, what I’m reading… So, use this hashtag to tell them. Who knows? Maybe they’ll feature your instagram on their website.


This hashtag is for those of us that read in weird places. Taking in the latest bestseller in the tub? Snap a photo (keep it clean or risk getting it flagged), then upload that photo with this hashtag. You’re not the only one who reads at the dinner table or reads under the dinner table…


Stuck and need a new book recommendation? You can find book recommendations on Instagram and Twitter using this hashtag, or you can create your own recommendations using it. Personally, I recommend The Goldfinch to everyone because it’s awesome; if you haven’t, that’s my #WhatToRead next for you.

Those are the five hashtags I’ll be using in 2016 to show off my favorite books. If you know of any I’m missing, please leave a comment and get me informed. I appreciate all of you readers, and look forward to sharing my picks and reading your picks in 2016. Happy reading all.

Daily tasks can seem boring and dull over time. Fun jobs and work projects may be quite thrilling, but the daily grind of activities can be difficult to overcome. Therefore, it is good for people to have a break and experience life. There are some helpful tips to consider when looking at spicing life up.

Great Pampering Today

A good starting point when it is time to experience life is to relax. There will always be one more task to accomplish, but it is good to take some time and enjoy being pampered. Consider visiting a spa. A back or full body massage can be ideal when it is time to take a break from a regular routine. Allow the entire experience take unnecessary stress away. Of course, there are other ways to be pampered. Some people may experience pampering when they go to a sporting event or shop at a mall and receive excellent customer service. Although pampering does look different to people, be sure to experience that time to receive proper care and relaxation.

Go Places

It can be easy to brainstorm about places to visit and things to do. While there is nothing wrong with brainstorming, but the problem comes when people do nothing to follow through on desired plans. Instead of being passive on dreams, follow through on them. Take that road trip that has been discussed for a number of years with college friends. Recreate fun times and experiences that were had with family trips. Take that special vacation with a beloved spouse to a place such as Los Suenos Resort Costa Rica. Remember that going on such a trip does take time and money. It may take six months to a year of planning and saving in order for a vacation to happen. Some people save a small amount of money each week in order to go on a vacation, such as $20. When it is vacation time, people have the money they need. Furthermore, they have been planning the trip, and it becomes an even better experience.

People need to be intentional when they want to experience life. Having times of pampering and going places does not happen all by itself. Individuals need to plan and save for various activities. As people experience life, they can be ready to face daily activities that need to be addressed.

Are you taller than 6-feet? Are you self-conscious about it? Do you have problems finding clothing and shoes that fit? You’re not alone; me too, and also a huge group of girls and women who use the hashtag #TallPeopleProblems to express just how many problems tall people have. Here are some funny one I’ve found.

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